The Robe

What do you see when you look in the mirror?  I know what I see and I don’t know if I have enough time to write it all down.  Because my mirror experience is like no other.  I mean, what I see I hope no one else sees.  I see every imperfection, that extra wrinkle, a blemish, and, oh my gosh, a gray hair in my eyebrows of all places!  And why am getting a mustache?  Is this a practical joke from God?  I can see right now I’m not going to grow old gracefully!  But have no fear, Maybelline is here!  I can cover up all of those imperfections with hair color and makeup.  But I can’t hide everything.  I can’t hide my heart from God.  It’s funny how God can see all of my imperfections and still love me.

What I know about the robe of righteousness is it’s a gift; and there can only be one giver… and that’s Jesus.  It’s free; it’s for anyone.  It’s meant to cover you and protect you.  It covers you with compassion, acceptance, and love for who you are and where you are in life.

It becomes part of you.  It walks this life with you.  It’s special, so therefore those who wear it are special.  I’m not sure this robe ever gets a wrinkle or a stain on it.  It’s an invisible protection that only God sees.  It’s a relationship with God based on nothing we bring to the table.  We just get to show up for the feast wearing our robe that Christ made just for us.  And all those wearing this robe are called Sons and Daughters of the Most High. Praise God I’m not naked.  I got me a robe!

Isaiah 61:10

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