The Canvas

I love to paint.  I love mixing colors and coming up with something that I can share with others to make them smile.  It’s relaxing to me.  It’s a stress releaser.  To know that if I mess up I can paint over it and start all over.  I don’t have to throw out the canvas.  It can be used again.  It’s not ruined.

And this kinda got me to thinking about my life; my walk with God.  I am the canvas.  I can be used again and so can you.

Our walk in life may not have started as we had intended.  The road we decided to take was not the one we really wanted to be on.  Or we started out right with God and just took the wrong road.  Whatever it may be.

You start out in life with a clean canvas (like a new born baby).  As you grow you begin to add colors to your canvas.  Maybe you paint your life with bright, vibrant colors.  Maybe you use more pastel colors.  Or maybe your canvas is full of dark, stormy colors. Usually in life we get to choose what colors we use.  Sometimes we don't.  But we do get to choose if we are going to keep those colors.

Remember this, you started out life with a white canvas and you can have that again.  And you can have the greatest painter of all times as your teacher; adding new colors.  And when your painting is finished He puts the brush down and says it is good!



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