The Woman At The Well

I love the story of the woman at the well.  Isn’t it so like God to use someone so lonely, broken, and messed up to spread His word?  Someone that people see no use for?

It makes you wonder what had changed about her when she came back from the well that would cause people to listen to her.  Did she have a glow about her like Moses?  Was there a fire in her eyes that wasn’t there before?  Did she have a pep in her walk that made people notice her?  Or did she stand up straight?  What was it?  I picture her going to the well bent over, hiding from people, so filled with shame and unworthiness.  Because that’s what sin does to us, but something was different.

She tells them, “He told me everything I ever did.”  Wow, just wow!  It makes you wonder, did Jesus only tell her of the bad stuff she had done?  Or did he also tell her about the good things?  I say yes.  Because when you’re so broken and beat down it’s hard to find anything good in yourself.  But Jesus does not look at us through the eyes of this world.  He looks through the eyes of God.  And what Jesus does with a broken vessel only he can do.  I like to think she came back to the well because that’s the place she met the man of her dreams.  And every time she draws water up from the well she remembers.  She remembers the love and compassion that only he can give. 


Romans 8:38-39
John 4:1-42

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