An accomplished vocalist with a unique style, Suzzette Michaels has been inspiring audiences for almost her entire life.  Like many young artists, her dreams of musical success brought Suzzette from her rural Alabama home to Nashville at an early age.  She spent several years in the country music industry, including stints with some of Nashville’s biggest record labels, but there came a time when Suzzette took a step back from secular music to reevaluate her life’s goals.  It was during this time that her walk with God became much stronger.  As she recommitted her life to Christ, Suzzette felt convicted to sing songs that would bring a spiritual message to her audience.  At every turn God seemed to be directing her into music ministry.  Following God's call, Suzzette was soon making plans for her first Gospel album.

Today, Suzzette lives with her husband Mike and dog Gracie outside of Nashville in the small town of Springfield, Tennessee.  She has released several Gospel albums and continues to devote her time and talent to the ministry of Jesus Christ.  In more recent years Suzzette has developed another of her artistic outlets… oil painting.  What began as a hobby soon became a passion, and once again she felt God’s hand guiding her talent.  Suzzette now incorporates her artwork into her ministry, painting scenes that communicate God’s love and grace.

Suzzette takes her ministry on the road when called, performing concerts at churches and other venues.  She often carries select original oil paintings to her performances to deliver the Gospel message to her audience through both art and song. 

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